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Robby isn’t just an ordinary DJ. With over 1000 weddings served, thousands of events, and over 15 years experience, he knows brides and grooms better than your typical bar or prom DJ. In fact, not only is DJ’ing for weddings his full-time career, but he has also created an Advanced Wedding DJ training course, and professionally coaches other wedding DJs.

Robby spent 8 years working for one of the nation’s largest upscale wedding service companies, and in his final year there, he received the #1 status out of 30 DJs for Overall Satisfaction on reviews. In fact, every review was perfect! (Not meaning to brag…but this is the type of stat that brides want to hear, we think!)

The most important thing that sets him apart, we believe, would be attitude! After hiring and training dozens of DJs in our career, we believe we’ve nailed down a few traits that are hard to duplicate. Some of those being an unwillingness to settle for less than your best, a dedication to get things right, not watching the clock, truly loving weddings and marriage, and an absolute adoration of people, business and quality. Some of those intangible things that are hard to describe, but you know it when you see it…those are the things that both you, and your guests, will notice when you hire Robby (or one of his associates).

To put it simply, your experience with Robby, and A Bride’s DJ, can’t be duplicated.

Because we dedicate a unique amount of time and attention to detail to each wedding, we have a limited number of dates available. Dates frequently book up to two years in advance.

All OF OUR DJs have served 200-1500+ weddings.

WE ONLY HIRE DJs with extensive wedding experience who are ego-free, detail-oriented, respond quickly, and have a genuine passion for making things right. They’re still human of course, but we think they’re the closest thing to perfection possible!

To check availability, and view full bios, give us a shout.

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