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Today’s Wedding Tips!

Hello favorite brides!

I’ve made some mental notes to share some things with you after recent conversations, so here goes…

Pay attention to the little details:

1) Lighting. Women are more likely to dance in the dark. For many women, it’s a REALLY big deal to get all dressed up. They feel a bit vulnerable, and it’s important to think of their comfort. Be sure you’ve scheduled your wedding during a time that allows for dim lighting, especially if there are a ton of windows in the banquet room you’ve chosen.

2) Cocktail music. Change it up! Upbeat music IS okay during cocktails! Your guests have listened to Frank Sinatra and Jazz at EVERY SINGLE wedding they’ve ever been to. If you love the classics, that’s ok! Just try and sprinkle in some modern day classy tunes as well, such as Jack Johnson, Adele, Michael Buble, etc. If you don’t want your wedding to be JUST like every one else’s…you’ll have to make some changes. The good news is: Subtle and easy changes make an ENORMOUS difference! (If you’re already A Bride’s DJ client, you know where to find some fun recommendations!)

3) Keep em’ together. Energy passes faster in crowds. While things like balconies, beautiful grounds, etc. are fancy touches that WOW, be sure that your guests are all in one spot once the dancing starts. Keep the bar in the room, if possible.

4) Trim those dances! I’m a sap for special dances just as much as the next girl, but let’s face it…4 minutes is a really long time to watch someone dance with their dad. The emotional WOW happens in the first couple of minutes, doesn’t it? Ask your DJ to fade songs out a little early.

5) Tickle the senses! Ever feel like your life is groundhog day? Go to work, get home, clean the house, wake up, do it all over again. The last thing you want is for your guests to include your wedding in that list. Go to work, get home, go to a wedding that is exactly what you expect. Yikes! Not what we’re aiming for, is it? Use that imagination you’ve been given! And if you don’t have one, ask us! We’ll get you excited about the plans!

I know there were a million more things that I wanted to tell you, but that’s all I can think of for now. Let us know if we can help!

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