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Professional DJs serving Asheville, Raleigh, Charlotte & Triad area. Call 828-407-3363 or 704-966-9008

Meet the owners, the kids, and furbaby, too!

The ones who answer the phone, and sometimes respond to emails at 2 a.m.
The ones who think about weddings all day … so you don’t have to (unless you want to)!

• Has served over 5,000 brides and counting.
• Previously a VP of a wedding service company that served over 1,000 brides a year – but prefers running her own lil’ boutique DJ company.
• Loves a themed wedding and helping brides to add fun into the night (had a beach-themed wedding herself!)
• Can’t settle for average. On multiple occasions, has asked Robby to dress up like Waldo and put on a scavenger hunt for date night. He does, and we have the pictures to prove it.

• Full time wedding DJ, and hands-on dad.
• DJ’d more weddings than we can count … we stopped trying to keep track after 500.
• Nicknamed “Happy Boy” as a child, and still is. He is freakishly happy. Always.
• Has been trying for several years to get Diana to be his personal secretary. Hasn’t worked yet.

• The only things that save us from being workaholics. We love customer service, weddings, business, our DJs, and our whole job in general!

Chelsea hired DJ Robby for professional wedding service.

DJ Robby was great! He even found us while taking pictures to bring us water and check in. This was a very thoughtful gesture and I could feel his passion for this industry. The professionalism and care he showed us was definitely present throughout the night and very much appreciated.

I am so thankful that we chose A Bride’s DJ, you guys definitely live up to your name and it was a pleasure working with you!

Eleanor got married on 11/11/17 and hired A Bride’s DJ.

My overall satisfaction is very high! It was really great working with you, Diana, and DJ Marty! I’ll definitely recommend you guys to other people that need your services! Thank you!

Jordan had a 5/13/17 wedding.

The service I received prior to the wedding was fabulous thanks to Diana. We would choose you all again in a heartbeat.

Lauren had a 12/10/2016 wedding.

Diana was super helpful with all the planning and organizing, and once our wedding was only a couple weeks away, DJ Jeff was in constant contact with us to make sure everything was right.

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