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Wow, I can’t describe how amazing our experience with Robby was! It’s funny, every single person we talk to about our wedding comments on how awesome our DJ was. Since we were on such a tight budget, I thought we could wing it without a DJ and just use The Farm’s iPod hookup for our wedding. But after attending a wedding with a horrible DJ, I decided to do a little research and found Robby. Money well spent! He was nothing short of amazing and made our wedding day go so smoothly. His calm demeanor helped to relax me and made me feel at ease — exactly what any bride wants to feel on their wedding day. Any time a conflict came up — big or small — he approached me calmly and made me feel like it was “no big deal.” And his personality was great. He created the fun atmosphere that I wanted and adjusted the music to what the audience wanted to hear. I told him I wasn’t a big fan of country, so he made sure to check with me before he played any country songs, which I truly appreciate! :) He made our wedding so amazing and memorable, and I’m so, so, SO glad we chose you guys to work with!! PS, you can definitely use us as a reference :) I would love to tell the whole Asheville area how great you guys are! Such a pleasure to work with from start to finish :) – Melanie J., December 14, 2013 The Farm

It was an amazing evening, and the DJ service helped everything flow. Thank you! – April D. October 25, 2013 DJ-Robby

Robby was absolutely WONDERFUL. He was professional yet totally friendly. He kept the event moving on-track, adapted to the changing requests, and kept us smiling the entire night. I would be happy to be a reference! – Christine (H) R. November 23, 2013 Castle Ladyhawke

We loved Robby. Being an out of town bride, I was impressed at the customer service level you provided. I was confident that everything surrounding the DJ would go smoothly and it did! Thank you! Feel free to use me as a reference. You did a fantastic job! – Jamie and Jason S. November 30, 2013 Bear Lake Reserve

Jason was a wonderful DJ! I am so glad he was our DJ for our wedding. We had such a memorable day. The music was great. He made every attempt to get everyone out on the dance floor. The introductions were perfect–and he confirmed the correct pronunciation of each person’s name in the bridal party. The party couldn’t have gone better. The only one thing that could possibly be improved would be to have the music a tad bit louder during the introductions. But, that was such a minor complaint. Jason was open to our suggestions and did everything we asked him to do. He also played requested songs from the wedding guests. I would recommend him and your company to anyone! If I had to do it again, I would have gone with Jason and a Bride’s DJ in a heartbeat! You may use me as a reference as well! Take care! Thanks again! – Shannon B. November 30, 2013 Homewood

Robby was great. We had a very diverse group at our wedding and somehow Robby kept them all dancing the whole night. He played a lot of our requests and included some great songs to keep the energy up. He also played “unforgettable” after we got everyone to sing happy birthday to my grandmother (she turned 90)! And I don’t think I could have picked a more perfect song for such a wonderful lady. When we left for our Honeymoon, Steven and I were talking about the reception and he said “Robby nailed it all night” and I think that about sums it up. We were very blessed to have him as the DJ on our special day :) – Kathryn C.M. and Steven T.M. October 26, 2013 Castle Ladyhawke

Robby was AMAZING! He and I talked for about an hour and half the week before my wedding to get everything planned out. He had great suggestions for me and my now husband based on our short play list. I asked him not to play any disco type music and he honored my wish even when people requested it. Thank you!!! Robby would check with my husband or me everytime before moving on the the next thing on our wedding agenda. All in all, I thought he was amazing and I couldn’t asked for a better DJ. I highly recommend him for any wedding! yes. You may use me as a reference. – Sarah d.F. October 12, 2013 Highland Lake Inn

Rob was professional and great to work with! He had the music we wanted and took the time to learn to properly annunciate several difficult names. He kept the party going all night long and made sure everyone had a good time. Would recommend him to everyone we know! Thank you! – Danilo M. October 13, 2013 Laurel Ridge Country Club

Jason was fantastic. Everyone enjoyed the acoustic guitar and the song choices beyond what we supplied. He included all the songs we wanted and got everyone dancing quickly when the time was right. He worked with the pastor and came up with a great idea to have the father of the bride explain our different tradition, and have our friend translate the explanation to English. He was very accommodating with requests on the fly during the dancing portion of the evening. I would recommend him to a friend and serve as a reference. – Geoff B. – October 12, 2013 Hargrove Farm

We were 100% satisfied with Rob. His professionalism to being personable enhanced our wedding. Several guests commented how they liked him and how he helped them with songs. We highly recommend A Bride’s DJ for all events. Also, the ease of payment and questions prior to our wedding help to lessen the chaos and nerves. Yes for reference. – Brandi C. C. October 5, 2013 Castle Ladyhawke

Our DJ was great! He did wonderful with announcement and helped our wedding flow nicely! Yes, you can use me as a reference :) – Katie S. September 27, 2013 DJ- Robby Castle Ladyhawke

Great service. Would refer to anyone! Loved everything, thanks for making our experience awesome! – Jennifer S. November 9, 2013 The Orchard Inn

Robby was a fantastic DJ at our wedding! He played every song we really wanted to hear & everyone danced all night, ourselves included! Re: office communication, we also had a wonderful initial consultation w/ Diana prior to booking. We would definitely recommend A Bride’s DJ to other brides & grooms & would gladly provide a reference. Thanks again for providing incredible entertainment for our wedding reception!!!! – Martha G. O. & Scott M. October 19, 2013 Homewood Event & Conference Center

Robby was AMAZING! He and I talked for about an hour and half the week before my wedding to get everything planned out. He had great suggestions for me and my now husband based on our short play list. I asked him not to play any disco type music and he honored my wish even when people requested it. Thank you!!! Robby would check with my husband or me everytime before moving on the the next thing on our wedding agenda. All in all, I thought he was amazing and I couldn’t asked for a better DJ. I highly recommend him for any wedding! yes. You may use me as a reference. – Sarah d.F. October 12, 2013 Highland Lake Inn

Rob was professional and great to work with! He had the music we wanted and took the time to learn to properly annunciate several difficult names. He kept the party going all night long and made sure everyone had a good time. Would recommend him to everyone we know! Thank you! – Danilo M. October 13, 2013 Laurel Ridge Country Club

He was absolutely wonderful.I couldn’t have asked for a better DJ.he made it bride and groom centered and yet cared about the guest party as well.I love the fact that the CDs for made afterwards however I would have loved for the CDs to have included the entire arrangement. thank you so much again for making it such a special day! Couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you so much for staying until the end. You mean the world to us and our special day. DJ-Robby  – Gregory T. September 13, 2013 Castle Ladyhawke

Jason was a fantastic DJ! He ran the night smoothly and there was never a dull moment! He was very easy to work with and accommodated all of our requests with a smile and enthusiasm. We received many comments on how great the music was and how smoothly the night went. I definitely highly recommend Jason!! (And, yes, you may use me as a reference.) Joanna L., September 14, 2013, Lake Eden Events

Robbie was excellent, as expected from our first contact to the end of the night. We were very happy with his flexibility and ability to change things at the last minute as needed. Thank you for a wonderful event! – Lara and John S. September 1, 2013 NC Arboretum

Jeff was incredible and kept our party going! We loved every minute of it. We had sent a list of suggestions and I think he stuck pretty close to that, and all our guests had a blast dancing! Thanks again for everything! – Catelyn S. 8/24//13 The Crest Pavillion

Robbie was a blessing. He was fun, professional, and sensitive to my requests. His ability to balance fun with professionalism was 100% perfectly executed.There was no doubt in our minds that our wishes, happiness, comfort, and overall experience (us as well as our guests) was is focus. In other words, he was FABULOUS!!!!! – Jami Robert F. Wedding Event: August 20, 2013 Castle Ladyhawke

Robbie was awesome!! He was professional, kind, and made the night perfect!!! – Michelle Z.- now W. August 3, 2013 On Broadway

Jeff was a fabulous DJ. He made our wedding a night to remember and got all of our guests out on the dance floor. Sorry for the late response! Planning for the school year and buying a house can get a little hectic! – Matthew H. – July 20, 2013 Graylyn International Conference Center

Planning a wedding is stressful, let alone when the site of the wedding is nearly seven hours away! Robby was aware of our situation and was more than accommodating by coordinating our wishes by phone and by email. The music and sound the day of our wedding was fantastic! Robby was very professional as well as approachable, working well with our wedding coordinator and our guests. We couldn’t have been happier with how it all came together! Thank you again and please feel free to use us as a reference! – Dan and Nicole S. June 22, 2013 Lioncrest at Biltmore Estate

We had a great experience with our DJ, Robbie. He was very professional at all times and played a great mix of music throughout the evening. Thank you! Yes you may use me as a reference. – Sharon and Joe G. June 23, 2013

Robby was absolutely great!!! He kept everyone dancing the entire night. We had a blast!!! Perfect DJ for a Perfect Night ;) – Nick and Misty N. June 15, 2013

I cannot thank Robby enough for the fantastic service he provided during our ceremony and reception. The music was perfect, the atmosphere was amazing, and I was so happy with how smoothly all of the events of the night went, thanks to Robby. He helped to make our wedding the best day of our lives, and I cannot thank him enough for that. A Bride’s DJ was so wonderful to work with, I appreciate that you made my day feel like the most special wedding you have ever worked with. Every bride loves feeling that special and that her wedding is a priority. I truly appreciate you guys, and I would love to be a reference if you ever need it! – Morgan T. June 14, 2013

Wow! Robby was amazing! First, he took care of everything to do with the coordination of the wedding. I didn’t have to worry about anything but enjoying my special day! :) He had a timeline and it was very successful. Second, he played all the special music that I wanted and then he played all the hot new music out there! Our friends and Family had the best time during the reception! Thanks again Robby!!! Melissa (G.) J. 6/1/13

I had a certain song I wanted to be played during the reception and he just happened to start it the same time that the photographer want to get a few more pictures outside and he came out and asked if I would like him to play it again when we were done since it was a bad timing coincidence. I was very surprised that he took the time to do that and to make sure he played it again while I was in the room. I would like to thank you for such an amazing experience and for helping make our day as perfect as it was! – Jolica W. 05/29/2013 DJ-Robby

Robby was amazing – he definitely kept the whole wedding and reception moving along, and the music was great! He kept us dancing from the beginning to the end. I don’t think that there’s a single thing I would have done differently! – Lesley W. & Heath . (5/19/2013)

This survey does not do justice to Robby’s performance. We had the most wonderful time and everyone is raving about how great our MC/DJ was. We give him perfect 10!!!!!! – Camille and Ray E. May 26, 2013

Robby was AMAZING!!! I could not imagine a more perfect DJ. He knew the type of music to play and so many of my guests, young and old, were commented how great the music was! Thanks so much for making my wedding night an awesome one! – Meghan M.

Thank you so much for making the music part of our wedding so easy! From the first phone call to the actual night of you all were very easy to work with and very professional. Rob was a great DJ and has people dancing the entire night. He also handled some tough names very well and was gracious with some guests wanted to grab the mic! :) I was VERY happy I chose A Bride’s DJ. THANK YOU!! – Jennifer B. and Ivan C. – Wedding on May 11, 2013

He was great! It was a relief to know I didn’t have to worry about the reception. Robby coordinated everything and it was perfect!! Thanks. – Lindsay J. and Daniel T. May 18, 2013

Robby did an awesome job. Gaevin and I were both so happy with the music and his coordination of the event. We received many comments after the wedding about the great selection and variety of music. Thank you Robby! Feel free to use us as a reference! – Allison E.and Gaevin D. wedding, 5/10/13

The DJ made our night perfect. The professionalism we received on our phone consult, the Monday prior, made me confident that the reception would go off perfectly. He executed everything as he said, offered suggestions, and was so positive. I truly believe that he helped make our reception memorable. Please feel free to use me as a reference. – Stefanie M./Daniel J. April 20, 2013 DJ-Robby Cusic

Yes, you may use me as a reference. Robbie was fantastic to work with. He kept everything running smoothly the whole night and was a very professional. Everyone enjoyed the music he played and we had a great time dancing. I would highly recommend Robbie to other brides. – Amy R. 04/05/2013

Robby was incredible. Literally, hands-down outstanding. We honestly talked about his service level all night. From offering to get us drinks when he saw we had none, to taking things out to our car for us as we were saying goodbye to people. The music was superb, the CD of music from the night was totally unexpected and delightful, and the service was impeccable. Definitely will recommend without question ; ) – AllieMarie C. 04/06/2013

Fab! Fab! Fab!! Please feel free to use me as a reference! Robbie was perfect! – Hannah N. 4-7-2013

We had the privilege of having Rob Cusic as our DJ and what a fantastic experience! I can not say enough about the professionalism of ABridesDJ and their DJs. I can honestly say that it was Rob who made the reception a success. Rob was personable, reliable, resourceful and kept the festivities on track. Would I recommend this service? Absolutely, again and again! Great price, great service and a great time. You can not go wrong with that winning combination. Thank you so much for being available when we needed you and responding quickly to any request we made. I know you can not see my hands, but you are officially receiving two thumbs up from me! Sincerely, Brenda A very satisfied Mother of the Bride Please feel free to use me as a reference any time. March 2, 2013

Robbie was absolutely amazing!!! The play list was perfect and timing on songs were precise!!! I couldn’t have asked for a better dj, the whole night went so well because of him!!! Loved it!!! You can definitely use me as a reference!!! Donna and Boyd S.

DJ Jeff, Thank you so much! We really appreciated the way you kept the reception flowing and the atmosphere fun and lively. Your professional quality was evident. We had so many people come up to us and comment on what a great job you were doing! Thanks! – Sara and Daniel S.

WOW Jason was great! He was our DJ and his band played. Everytime I come into town I go to see him DJ or go watch his band. He gave us a Wonderful Wedding Day!  Thank You Jason!  – Jessica & Stan June 2012

Jack you did an excellent job! What a great mix of music for all of our guests. I couldn’t of asked for a better DJ. Thanks for keeping it easy on us! Thanks Jack! – Jake & Sue 2012

Jeff, You did such a great job, everyone was very impressed. I can’t even begin to tell you how many guests raved about the songs and how much fun they had. You blew us all away! You made our night so easy and I thank you so much for everything. I can’t say “thanks again”. Lisa G.

(DJ Jack) Everyone was wonderful! You made our night perfect. Thank you so so much! – Amanda and Andrew E. 2012

Everything was just great. Robby was punctual, professional, and so much fun. He listened to us and worked in almost everything that we requested beforehand. I couldn’t imagine a better DJ for our event. Everyone had a great time and I look forward to leaving you a full review on weddingwire and the knot. You may absolutely use us as a reference. Thank you thank you thank you!  – Holly W. October 20, 2012

Jeff (“JB”) is awesome! He is so easy to work with, quick to respond to email, and really got my style. Jeff made me feel totally comfortable and did a wonderful job for my wedding. He kept the party going to the very end with great song after great song! He was professional but fun, and never “cheesy” which was super important to us. – Jill O.

Everything was perfect with Jack. I can’t think of anything he could of done better. My sister-in-law even liked him so much she hired him for her wedding! Yes I would would use Jack again and refer him to everyone! – Kimberly K. 2012

Absolutely amazing, I was very impressed with the professional, fun, caring personality of Robby. Thanks again! Sarah B. 10/11/12

Robby was amazing. He understood our wants, completely, and he kept the crowd dancing the entire night. It was amazingly fun. We couldn’t have been happier! :-) Thanks so much, Robby!!!!  – Rachel S. 9/15/2012

Jeff, everything was great! Thank you! Michelle S. June 2, 2012

Robby was wonderful to work with and answered any questions that came up. I love his enthusiasm and professionalism, particularly great on announcements. Thanks for helping make our wedding so memorable

Robby was terrific. He was very approachable and communicated well with family and guests. My daughter smiled the entire wedding ceremony and reception. We would definitely recommend him to anyone needing a dj. We are very grateful for his services. You may use us as a reference. Mary A 6/16/2012

Robby was fabulous and really helped to make our wedding reception quite the party we wanted for our friends and family. Everyone had a great time, the dancing never stopped, and Robby was on the ball about checking in each time we needed to do something or transition to the next thing. I would highly recommend him to anyone! The CD he slipped to me at the end of the night was a sweet touch! Thanks, Robby! And thanks to Diane for such great communication before the event. You guys were perfectly professional and made things easy for me! Jenny B.

Robbie did a great job from start to finish throughout the process with us. We had done some research on songs, but really worked with him to create the perfect night. Thank you very much for being so easy to work with and use me as a reference anytime. Jessica B 5/18/2012

Robby was AMAZING! He was so patient when we were behind schedule and he kept the energy up all night! Robby took our “style” to heart and really made our event so fun and special! Thank you Robby!! Sarah M. & Eric C. 5/5/12

Robby was awesome! He really helped the night flow nicely from pre-ceremony music to the very end. He played all the songs I requested which meant a lot to me. I appreciated him staying a half hour later than I had originally asked AND the last song of the night was Rocky Top, so great! All my friends were commenting on the awesome tunes for dancing. There were only a few people left toward the end, but we all had a blast! Thank you again! Yes, you may use me as a reference. I have no complaints. Erikka W. 5/19/2012

Thanks so much for a great night of music! Jessica G. on May 18, 2012 DJ Robby

He was very professional and friendly! He interacted with the crowd well. I really enjoyed him being the dj for my wedding! Sara Brooks 5/6/2012 DJ Robby

Robbie did a great job! We had an amazing time and he was absoutely wonderful and very responsive to our requests! Thanks! Amber W. & Roger W. 04/28/2012

Robby spent hours with me going over the music for my ceremony and reception, and he was so patient with me! He really listened to my requests and played a great mix of music! I had tons of compliments! Everyone had a great time and I was so happy to see more guests than I ever expected dancing! I can’t thank you guys enough! Jessica H. 4/14/12

The entire day was perfect from start to finish. Robbie did a fantastic job and we would recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much for making our wedding day so special. May God bless you. Jeff and Tina G. April 21,2012

Robbie was easy to work with, professional, and made our wedding reception run smoothly. It was a very positive experience!  Elise H. December 17, 2011

Robby was amazing. Words cannot express how happy we were with the services he provided. I would recommend him as a wedding dj to anyone and everyone. To be honest I have to say that he was better than any band I have ever seen at a wedding as well. 110% satisfied!!!!! Annie B. 11-19-11

Robbie was utterly AMAZING!!! We originally were really hoping to have a band and ended up going with a DJ. We sure made the right choice in choosing A Brides DJ!! They were 10’s across the board from all of our family and friends!!! Amazing group!!! Elizabeth and William H. October 29, 2011

Please use me as a reference. I couldn’t have been happier with my experience. Robby was incredible. He paced everything perfectly, appearing out of nowhere at just the right times to keep the reception moving fluidly and naturally, played every song that was important to me and kept our guests dancing and happy. He was professional, respectful, efficient and very kind to everyone. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else. (And we both loved his tux!) Lindsay C. November 18, 2011

Robbie was absolutely fantastic!!! He looked and worked very professionally and he played all my favorites :) We received compliments all night about how awesome he was! You can most definitely use me as a reference :) Michelle W.11/5/11

Robbie and Diana were absolutely amazing. My husband and I are so busy that only having to worry about details 1 time was WONDERFUL!! We were so happy because it took one phone conversation and one confirmation call to plan our entire wedding DJ experience. It was EXACTLY what we asked for and our wedding party and guests were completely impressed with not only A Brides DJ’s professionalism, but also their GREAT sense of humor and ease. They were able to command the attention of the guests for announcements about dances, the garter toss, bouquet toss, and the toasts. My absolute favorite part of the entire wedding was created by Robbie and Diana by cueing up the most perfect song at the EXACT moment I had asked for when “you may now kiss the bride” was announced by the Reverend. I would recommend this fantastic business to ANY bride and groom. Thanks Robbie and Dianne!! Kallie and Kenny S., September 4, 2011

Robbie was amazing! Every single guest was extremely pleased with him at our wedding and couldn’t ask for a better DJ to make our special day more amazing! Sarah T., October 8, 2011

Robbie was an absolute pleasure to work with! He did everything we asked for and followed through with everything promised. He was sensitive to our specific wedding needs and made sure we knew this was OUR day. We were impressed by Robbie’s professionalism and enjoyed his music selection. Scot and Kelly G., September 25, 2011

Robby was AWESOME! Our wedding was a big party (which is what we wanted), everyone was on the dance floor the entire time. I would recommend him to any bride-to-be! Diana was great at her prompt responses and Robby was very throughout with his consultation. Thank you Diana & Robby for all of your help. Helia F., September 24, 2011

We were VERY Pleased! Thank you for all your hard work! You guys did a wonderful job! And everyone had soo much fun! :) Thank you, Thank you! Constance C.,- September 17, 2011 (DJ Robby)

Robby was very professional and did an excellent job! We are low key people and he kept with that theme while playing great music for dancing and keeping the events of the wedding moving smoothly. We have absolutely no complaints about Robby – he did a perfect job for us and we would recommend him to anyone! Ashley N., August 28, 2011

Robby was the best I have seen at his job i have had many people tell me how wonderful he was” Edward and Heather L., August 14, 2011

He was wonderful! Professional, helped the wedding run smoothly, and I would definitely recommend him to others. Stephanie G., August 5, 2011 (DJ Robby)

Thank you so much. You made our reception a fun, perfect night. I had compliments from many of my guests and had a lot of out of town guests say that they wished that there was someone like your company in their area that specialized in weddings and was so professional. The music selection was excellent and a big hit. Thanks for letting Rob sing and the timing of that worked to surprise me. You accommodated our extra toasts and everything went smoothly. I can’t say enough good things about you. Thanks so much from the both of us. Stephanie & Robert D., July 23, 2011 (DJ Robby)

John and I couldn’t stop raving about the services and quality of service we received from your company. From the moment we first made the phone call several months ago till the very last minute of our reception your company went above and beyond to limit stress and make our special day that much more amazing! Our DJ Robby not only worked as our DJ but as our coordinator, announcer, and I think even our server when he went to the bar to grab John and I a drink! We couldn’t be more pleased to recommend your services to anyone in need of a great and professional DJ service. John had just gotten back from Afghanistan and was impressed by how smoothly Robby made everything run, it really took a lot of stress of his shoulders. Thank you again, we cannot find enough ways to repay you for the wonderful job that you guys did! Brianne & John H., July 9, 2011

Everything was as good as advertised, Thank You! Curtis G. – June 25th, 2011 (DJ Robby)

I had a great experience with A Bride’s DJ. Diana was fantastic with responding quickly to all my emails and questions ahead of time. Our DJ did an awesome job of keeping the dance floor filled with a good variety of music. Several people commented to me about what a good job he was doing, and a few of my engaged friends in the wedding planning process asked about hiring him they liked him so much. We also ordered a lighting package from A Bride’s DJ and it really made the room look spectacular. In addition to the great service, A Bride’s DJ was very affordable. I highly recommend using A Bride’s DJ. You can use me as a reference. Thank you! Maggie and Darren B., June 25 2011

We really were impressed by his ability to “feel” the crowd and play songs we wouldn’t necessarily think to play. He was AWeSOME in the fact he played even the hard to find songs we requested. We also are enjoying the CD’s that he provided of all the songs played at the reception…what a nice gesture!!! Thanks Robby! Heidi A., June 4, 2011

Robby – Amazing service! Carlie W., May 28, 2011

“We realized we made the right choice as soon as we saw Rob at the wedding. He was able to coordinate our wedding with our singer and make everything smooth with ease. He was down to earth and worked well with everyone he met, even when we weren’t able to be there with him. At the reception, he helped everything flow from the entrance of the wedding party to the last dance. He kept the guests dancing and played what we requested right away. We are so happy we chose A Bride’s DJ!!” Jennifer and Rusty M., May 21, 2011

“We had Robby as our DJ for our wedding on April 30th. Robby did an awesome job at our reception. Words cannot describe how great he did and how happy we were with everything. He definitely played music that kept everyone dancing and having an awesome time, which is exactly what we wanted. Robby definitely over exceeded our expectations with both his music selections and as an MC. We did get quite a few compliments from our guests about how much they enjoyed the music selection and that they had a great time dancing the night away. We were also excited about the CDs Robby gave us with all of the songs that picked out to have played throughout the night. That was a nice touch. :) We were also very impressed with the amount of contact both Diana and Robby had with us between our booking date and the wedding. Even just a quick, hey how are things going, is very nice with all things that come with weddings. It was very comforting to know that the DJ we chose for our wedding was looking out for our best interest throughout the process. All in all, Brad and I were very impressed and happy wiith the job that Robby and Diana did. We would most certaintly recommend them to anyone! Thank you again for all of your help!” Ann & Brad S., April 30, 2011 wedding

“Everyone at the wedding was very Satisfied with the DJ and how the night went. Thank you for a great experience.” Peter C., father of the bride, April 7, 2011 with DJ Robby

“We actually did not have A Bride’s DJ for our wedding because they were unavailable, but Robbie and Diana went above and beyond! They actually referred to another DJ they thought would be perfect for our wedding, and he was! Even though we could not use them they still included us in their song list suggestion emails; and Diana checked in on us to make sure everything was going smoothly and if we needed any idea help! They were also very willing to recommend other vendors for other parts of our wedding! Great resources and very professional service; you can definitely tell they love what they do!” Kristin L., April 9, 2011

“We couldn’t have asked for a better fit for our wedding. Our scheduled DJ disappeared right before our wedding, and I thought we were doomed. Robby came to our rescue and gave us a better price, better music and a better wedding. Thanks isn’t even enough to cover it, Rob, you saved our day!” Caleb and Stephanie C. 11/13/2010 wedding

“Robby was above and beyond! He did exactly as we asked and was VERY professional and pleasant to everyone at the reception. We had a lot of compliments. You may absolutely use us as a reference! Thank you!” Josh and Rachel B. 10/23/2010

“Everything went really well. An excellent job was done handling songs, and our special request for a mashup song was put together extremely well. The CD with all the dance music on it was a perfect idea that has everyone happy!” Matthew and Lindsey P. 10/30/2010 DJ Robby Cusic

“Hello Rob, I just wanted to say thank you very much again for everything that you did to make our wedding absolutely amazing. I have had several people tell me that our wedding was the most fun that they have ev…er had at a wedding, and I attribute much of this to the music that was being played. So I just wanted to say thank you again, because I don’t even think I left the dance floor; the music was great!!! – Alysia N., September 5, 2010 Wedding

“Hi Robbie. I just wanted to get in touch with you and thank you for doing such a wonderful job at our wedding reception. Our guests continue to mention how much fun they had at the dance, and Krysten and I couldn’t be more pleased. You managed to play everything Krysten, her parents, and I requested, as well as keeping our rowdy guests (young & old) satisfied. For as big as our dance floor was, it managed to stay active/ full the entire night. I’d like to personally note how much I liked the dinner music and how it meshed well with my cocktail mix. It’s those little things that people don’t notice, but solidify a great experience. If you ever need a reference, Krysten and I would be pleased to do so; and we’ll be sure to recommend your services to our friends. Thanks again, Jake G.”

“You may definitely use me as a reference for Todd! He was very professional and kept things running smoothly even though our dinner was an hour late. He even stayed an hour later! Our guests told us they have never seen so many people on the dance floor and it was the funnest wedding they’ve been to!” Rebekah I., Wedding, September 25, 2010

“If it weren’t for Diana and Robbie I would have many more mental break downs than I did during my year long planning!! They helped with EVERYTHING! Diana went way above and beyond her “DJ” duties….she pretty much helped me plan every detail for the day…and Robbie executed it. Can’t thank you guys enough!! ” Martha and Ben H. wedding, August 28, 2010

“Todd was AMAZING! He had everything ready to go and perfect! We had so many great comments on him! The whole process of going through you guys was easy and very upfront. And, of course, all of the helpful tips that you send along are a blessing! We would be more than happy to ever be used as a reference! Shauna Jo and James H., August 14, 2010

“Diana was always quick to respond to any questions before the wedding! Communication is the one thing that made A Bride’s DJ stand out! The dance floor was packed and everyone had a great time! Yes, you may use us as a reference.” Jeff and Diane C. with DJ Robby Cusic, July 3, 2010

“Lou was amazing! He kept the night running smoothly and checked in with me frequently! He kept the dance floor full, played our must plays and suggestions, and respected our do not plays. We didn’t need to worry or think about a thing! We were able to enjoy our night. As I told Lou at the end, we received many comments that our wedding was “an awesome party” and “the most fun wedding they’ve ever been to” – and we couldn’t have had that without an amazing DJ! We would highly recommend A Bride’s DJ and Lou to any couple!” Alan and Lisa H., August 7, 2010

“Yes! Please refer us to anyone. We could not be any happier with DJ Robby’s service” Katie and Craig T., August 6, 2010

“The reception was absolutely wonderful and our entire party commented on how this was the best wedding they’ve ever been to! With your help and Lou’s expertise it really made for a stress free and FUN evening! Even prepping for the wedding was made easy by Diana and the DJ. I haven’t been to a wedding in year’s so they really helped me make decisions that I was indecisive about…and it worked great because I received nothing but positive feedback from my wedding party, family, and other guests!” – Stephanie and Stephen W., January 2, 2010

Reviewed again four months later: “I had him as well and people are still talking about my reception that was almost four months ago! He’s great!”

“He did an amazing job! I would recommend him to anyone. We had to change things up last minute and he did a wonderful job when we put him on the spot! We were VERY VERY happy with the service he provided. Thank you!” Pope Wedding, June 19, 2010 Reviewed again on Facebook a week later, “An amazing job…we had a blast! Thank You!”

“Todd was great! He was professional. The night went very smoothly, and the dance floor was never empty! We had a wonderful evening! We couldn’t ask for anything more! Thank you!” Jeff and Kristin S. Wedding, April 24, 2010

“Jeff did an excellent job keeping things moving and was very professional and helpful at all times. I would recommend his services to anyone who is preparing for their wedding reception.” Michael and Nicole M., Wedding, April 24, 2010

“Rob was on the ball and willing and able to help us out. He helped with the timing and getting us what we wanted that night when plans changed. The choice of music was excellent (playing such a variety!) and we were so impressed with the number of people on the dance floor. We loved it and would definitely recommend to someone else. Thanks for a great job and being flexible!” – Jessica and Joseph A., November 14, 2009

“We had an amazing time with these guys, our wedding would not have been half as fun without them! Our wedding was on the beach on a small lake and the reception just seconds away. The graced us with awesome, truly original and fitting songs, anthems, mixes, etc. the whole night long. We got more compliments on the band than the pig roast… Good Job BridesDJ!!! I would not only recommend them to anyone, but rather to everyone.” – Shawn and Joann V., August 15, 2009

“A Brides DJ was very proffessional and provided great entertainment. They also did a great job with directing guests and keeping everyone involved in the party.” – Jeff & Tracy P., September  2008

“Great DJ! Everybody at the party enjoyed the music and the events! Thank You!” – Overdrive Company Holiday Party Dec 2009

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